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When and where to order bees for 2019

If you intend to start beekeeping in 2019 or if you want to add or replace honeybee colonies, now is the time to order bees.  There are many options for purchasing packaged bees or nucs.  Here are some suppliers recommended by members of Big Sky Beekeepers:

Western Bee Supplies: 
(406) 883-2918
Email:  Email:
3 lb. packages with a marked queen.
The price has been set at $150 for 2019.
A $20 deposit is required when ordering.
Now taking orders until sold out.
Delivery date is expected to be in late April.
Pick up bees in Polson, but there is also usually a pickup location in Missoula.

Sunrise Honey Company: 
(509) 936-1088
5 frame nucs with mated queen, $140.
Extra queens (depending on availability) $35.
Now taking orders until sold out.
Delivery date is usually a Saturday in mid-April.
Pick up bees in Clayton, WA (North of Spokane).

(406) 549-2355
3 lb. packages, Italian or Carniolan, with queen, $139.99.
Now taking orders.
Pick up your bees at your local Murdoch's in April or May.
Murdoch's will notify you 24 hours in advance of delivery date.
Also available are Italian or Carniolan queens, $54.99.

Arlee Apiaries: 
(406) 560-1307
Arlee Apiaries will not be selling bees in 2019,
but they expect to resume selling nucs in 2020.

Outdoor Bee Company: 
(509) 270-5803
5 frame nucs containing a laying queen and brood in all stages, $150.
Now taking orders online.
Free delivery to Missoula scheduled for April 27, 2019 (tentative date).