April 2023 Club Meeting

The next meeting of the Big Sky Beekeepers will take place Thursday April 13th at 6:00pm at St. Paul Lutheran Church - 202 Brooks St in Missoula - Room 208. Just follow the posted signs to the meeting.

At this meeting we will have a guest speaker. Rachel Santospirito from USDA Lolo National Forest will join us to talk about a new $25,000 grant provided to support pollinators in Missoula County. In the words of the Missoula Current, "The goal is to identify the region's native pollinators and improve the habitat they rely upon – and do so in the easiest of places." 

This project could help you to introduce more pollinator-friendly plants in your own yard!

Got Bees in a Wildlife Prone Area?

You probably do! Get an Electric Fence with the help of the Defenders of Wildlife Electric Fence incentive program.

2023 Electric Fencing for Beekeepers Presentation.pdf

DOW Electric Fence Incentive Program Presentation for BSB on March 9, 2023.


Electric Fence Incentive Program brochure and application.

Bee Hives & Equipment for Sale - March 2023

Tina Chengo is selling a complete langstroth hive with living bees overwintered since 2021 with a new queen from 2022. This would make a great set-up for a new beekeeper. 

This complete 10-frame hive includes: 2 deeps, 2 mediums (1 converted to quilt top), domed smoker w/ pellets, OA vaporizer, and various tools!

This is over $600 in value, but asking $400 OBO. Get in touch with Tina at or

 Top Bar Hive for Sale

Andrea Sheldon has a homemade top bar hive for sale. Used only 1 season.

Asking $125 OBO.

Get in touch with Andrea here: 

(406) 546-1475 

Swarm Season

Want to join the SWARM TEAM? #swarmszn is just around the corner 😜

 Get in touch with us to get on our list to assist with swarms this year.

Assessing swarm retrieval in the backyard pear tree.

New-bee(k) Mentoring

Are you looking for a mentor to get your 2023 beekeeping season off to a great start?

OR are you an experienced beekeeper who is willing to offer your expertise to a "newbee" this season?

We're looking for you! Helping one another become great beekeepers is what we're all about. Please contact us at

Where to Buy Bees in 2023

Wondering where to purchase packaged bees and nucs this year?

Check out these excellent local options.