January Meeting

Post date: Dec 14, 2019 4:33:20 PM

The annual business meeting of Big Sky Beekeepers was called to order by President Gerald Pfirsch at 6:09pm on January 9, 2020. Treasurer Scott Hicks presented the annual club financial report. This report is available for review at the link below. Dues were set at $20 for 2020, which is the same as 2019. Members were reminded that dues should be paid by March 15, as stated in the club bylaws. Club officers were elected for 2020: Jay Mitman, President; Bob Minnick, Vice President; Dan Fruechte, Secretary; Liz McDonald, Treasurer. The meeting minutes are available at the link below. After taking care of business, we were given a great presentation about bee friendly plants by Marni Forward and Loni Waters of Garden City Florascaping.